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GTD Outlook 2007 and Pocket PC Sync w/ Email Rules & Alerts

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  • GTD Outlook 2007 and Pocket PC Sync w/ Email Rules & Alerts

    GTD Outlook 2007 and Pocket PC Sync w/ Email Rules & Alerts

    My current setup is:

    WinXP Pro
    Outlook 2007
    Active Sync 4.5
    Sprint Mogul Pocket PC (HTC 6800 with Windows Mobile 6)

    Here are my goals:

    -- Outlook 2007. I Need to work on my laptop with Outlook 2007. This is an absolute requirement because of my job. The entire set up must revolve around Outlook 2007 (on the PC). I may use email rules and alerts to auto sort my inbox to have it move emails to specific GTD folders, i.e., "@ Computer" folder, etc. However, I also do a lot of manual movement from folder to folder without rules, and I sometimes create tasks in between. I may get an email from someone that doesn't yet have a GTD "tag" in it, so I manually move it from my inbox to the task area and then drag and drop it to a specific GTD folder. This creates a task and sorts in two mouse movements.

    -- Pocket PC Sync. Once I've spent the time and energy making all of these changes in Outlook (especially the manual ones), I need to be able to somehow get those changes to be identical in my Pocket PC (in any program, I don't care) without any further modification or sorting. I need it to be seamless, user friendly, and easy. Unfortunately, Pocket Outlook and Active Sync 4.5 does not honor the rules and alerts that Outlook 2007 does – so Pocket Outlook is not going to work – already tried.

    -- Vice Versa. Most importantly, if I spend an hour on the Pocket PC downloading – auto sorting email and also manually clearing my inbox by placing emails in specific GTD folders for later follow up and/or creating new tasks, projects or subtasks, then I would want all of those same changes already made when I get back to working on my laptop PC (after a quick sync). Therefore, I may need a different email app for the Pocket PC, but it has to have the same rules and alerts as Outlook 2007 and the same folder set up, and be seamlessly integrated with tasks and Outlook 2007. I don't want duplicate work, or to miss anything.

    -- Any combination of software is OK as long as it works with and syncs with Outlook 2007 on the PC.

    -- Any Syncing software is OK

    I need to go from being stationary to truly mobile and back in a heartbeat (to fully edit on both ends) and not lose any of my GTD work, data, tasks or other or experience any limitations. Right now, my limitations are Pocket Outlook has no "rules and alerts" functionality, so when I download email remotely, it cannot auto sort properly.

    If any combination of software will accomplish my goals please direct me to the appropriate reading materials to get started (and purchase).

    Thank you in advance for your help.