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Palm OS Goal Setting / Tracking Tool

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  • Palm OS Goal Setting / Tracking Tool

    I wanted to let the people in the GTD community know about our Palm OS software tool, TraxItAll ( because it gives you an easy way to track anything on a daily basis.

    For example, GTDers could create a “Yes/No” track to record, Did I check my daily file today? You could also create a “Count” track to record, How many hours did I spend on that project or in meetings? Or you could create an “Average” track to record at the end of each day the number of pending items you have left at work, to track your progress in that area. Once you record your data, TraxItAll’s reports show you your progress.

    Of course, these are just examples; you can use TraxItAll to track anything, whether professional or personal (e.g., you weight), that matters to you; that’s what makes it unique. It’s also a great goal-setting tool because this kind of a record makes you accountable to yourself. (We use the term “Measurement is Motivation.”)

    FREE TRIAL: You can try TraxItAll for free for 30 days; just go to this page: Free Trial. (Note: TraxItAll is not yet compatible with the 755p version of the Treo.)

    Hope you enjoy using it!
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    I should also mention that if you want to load a copy of TraxItAll directly onto your Treo, just go to and click the "Download" link.
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      TraxItAll on Sale

      FYI, TraxItAll is now 20% off until 8/30. The website is
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        Has anyone in this community used this? Results?

        While almost every download I have done for my Plam has not been a problem, the last time I downloaded promising software it corrupted everything and it was a huge deal to recover from.

        This sounds great. I have at various points made such a paper system using a teacher's roll book, but the promise of being able to carry less paper around, and being able to readily make computation sis quite inviting.


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          Does anyone know of a similar solution for the blackberry?


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            RE:Has anyone in this community used this? Results?

            Hello Jamie --

            As it happens, we just had a lengthy product review posted on Palm Discovery, which includes a very good TraxItAll Demo Video on YouTube. That should give you a very good feel for the product.

            The full review is here: TraxItAll review on Palm Discovery

            Regards, David


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              taking a trial

              I downlaoded the trial. It seems like cool tracking program.


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                love it

                this little program is pretty cool. I'm using it to track all the little things that I have wanted to incorporate into my life. Enough water, did I exercise, what's my BP. All the things I'd normally shrug off and fugire I'd get it done sometimes- without really knowing if I'd been good on my goals or not.

                I guess that carrying my palm around makes it easier to do. Normally I would just sort of wing it.

                Thanks Traxitall--- you're keeping me honest and true to my personal goals.


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                  TraxItAll on Sale

                  Hello to All --

                  I just wanted to let everyone know we currently have TraxItAll on sale at 20% off until Jan. 31st. We're having this sale because we feel it's a great goal-setting tool for your Treo or other Palm OS device, and a lot of people are into that at the start of the year

                  Also, if you'd like to get a quick intro to this unique product you can now watch the TraxItAll Video Intro on YouTube.

                  Regards, David


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                    Annual TraxItAll Sale

                    Hello -

                    I wanted to be sure all of the Palm users on the forum know that, once again, we're running our annual New Year's sale on TraxItAll. If you want to set goals for the New Year, TraxItAll is a great way to track your progress - whether it's for sales activity (calls, contacts, meetings, etc.); health (blood sugar, weight, meds, etc.); fitness (miles run, steps walked, push-ups, etc.); or anything else you want to track.

                    The basic premise of the software is to give you a very simple, easy, and automatic way to track anything (i.e., any statistic) that matters to you on a daily basis. This YouTube video on our site shows you how it works, and you can also view customer comments on the site to see how it has helped others.

                    I hope you'll take a look at it and take the free 30-day trial to see if it helps you. We use the phrase, "Measurement is Motivation."

                    Regards, David