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Who has installed Palm Desktop version 4.1

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  • Who has installed Palm Desktop version 4.1

    I tend to be a "nervous Nellie" (no offense Nellie) when it comes to upgrading software.

    I am getting ready to load latest version of the Palm desktop. Plam Desktop 4.0.1 has been ROCK SOLID and I couldn't be happier. I use and sbuse it and have never had problem 1. In fact, just recently had to do a hard reset on palm and I was "back to normal" in about 20 minutes.

    Has anybody upgraded and has it gone well? Any problems?

    Anyone else out there scared?

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    Palm desktop upgrade

    I loaded it 2 days ago on my notebook as well as my office network, flawless install, no reported problems, would've been nice to have the ablity to change fonts with all these new themes.



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      seems to work fine, but i don't 'abuse' it. just use it from time to time as my palm extension


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        No problems with Palm 4.1

        I installed it a few days ago and have had no problems with it. Since I'm a visual-person, I really like the slicker graphics. And the ability to edit a memo without opening it up is very nice. I use it both on my home computer and office computer and synch between both with my Handspring Visor.