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Outlook plugin - 'Action' field

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  • Outlook plugin - 'Action' field


    I have a minor but irritating issue with the GTD Outlook plugin that I hope someone can help me with.

    When I'm creating a task, and completing the fields in the Task window, I start typing in a field and the rest of it completes automatically eg I start typing "@Off" and the field completes itself to "@Office" (see attached jpg). If I then navigate away from that field, either with the mouse or more usually the tab key, the field then become blank again. This isn't an Outlook 'feature', in fact the Outlook 'Categories' field autocompletes and stays completed, so it must be the plug-in.

    Has anyone else come across this? Is there a fix or workaround? As I say, it's minor but irritating especially when I'm working quickly!

    Thanks in advance

    PS This is my first post, glad to be part of the GTD on line community
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    Drop down

    Instead of typing it in, can't you just use the drop down menu?


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      Yeah - could do but I prefer to type and use keyboard shortcuts. I find it quicker to keep my hands on the keyboard.



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        I've had the same problem. I sent in a question to the developer, and they said this was a known bug. You need to use the mouse to select the project and next action in the Outlook header.


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          This might work

          I don't have access to the PC with my installation of the add-in on it, so am working from memory a bit, but...

          I think if you type @Off to get @Office up, then hit ENTER, it holds it in place

          Not 100% on this though - will check when I have a chance.



          Have given it a go - Tabbing out doesn't hold the value, but hitting ENTER does. Well, it works in a new task in Outlook 2007...


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