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Outlook tasks to PDA (Nokia 362)

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  • Outlook tasks to PDA (Nokia 362)


    I just started to set up my GTD gadgets, and I am havving difficulties to transfer my tasks from Outlook to my Nokia E62 cell phone. My Nokia just do not carefor the categories that I seted up in Outlook.

    Any one has figure out how to do it?

    Another cool question: how to export (or copy and past) my task list to any site? I though about google docs, but it just dont work with PDA also.



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    Not possible

    To my knowledge, Nokia PDA's do not support todo categories... unbelievable.

    I suggest you do some of the following:
    - Save your @Phone items to your phonebook. (Eg with name "Call Pharmacy") with the phone number. This way you will have those items in your phonebook after the sync.
    - Sync only what you need on road to your PDA. (I quess most of the tasks are made in front of computer...) I Think you should be able to sync only some of the contacts to Phone.


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      The internal software does not "care" for categories, but since this is a smart phone (Symbian S60), you can install software which "cares".
      Namely Papyrus from
      You can test the software before you buy.