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Is MindManager 7 a worthwhile upgrade?

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  • Is MindManager 7 a worthwhile upgrade?

    I haven't been able to find anything on Mindjet's web site that can tell me what the new MindManager 7 could do for me that my MindManager 6 can't... at least not enough to make me consider an upgrade. I know a lot of folks here are MindManager users and I would appreciate learning from their experiences.

    Of course, one thing that I've always wanted in MindManager is the ability to hyperlink a MindManager branch to a paragraph in OneNote (I'm using OneNote 2007). OneNote's a wonderful tool for collecting information and MindManager's a wonderful tool for bringing order to complexity. The ability to integrate the two would be powerful indeed, and since integration with the other Office apps has always been a strong attribute of MindManager, it puzzles me that they've overlooked this very obvious feature. I can't link MindManager 6 with OneNote. I don't know about version 7.

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    With a small (& free) add-ons for MM7 you can link MM & OneNote. I have found that MM7 is worth the upgrade especially if you have Office 2007



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      MM7 and OneNote

      The version of the add-in I downloaded from MindJet Labs only worked with MM6 and is not working with MM7. Please share how you manage to have it working with MM7.



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        Thank you SalesDave

        It works with my MM6. Perhaps not as "clean" as I would like. (Why can't I just enter a hyperlink in MM?). Nevertheless, it is interesting to see that I am not the only one who has been requesting MM-OneNote integration. Why hasn't Mindjet seen fit to do this?

        But back to my original question, I still don't see what MM7 gives me that I don't already have with MM6.


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          My error. I had not used the add-in since I installed the upgrade. It does not work with MM7