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  • Palm E2 help

    Over three years ago, I purchased a Tungsten E. It served me very well until Sunday morning, when, reaching for my coffee, I bumped it off the counter and onto the floor. Of course these things happen when it's been the longest time since I've backed anything up, but, in this case, the only damage was to the screen and so I was able to save my data. Yesterday, I purchased a new E2 which came with an installation disk, which I plopped in in order to register my new machine and after a bit of typing on my part, it did. What the software also did is erase all my old data. Not to worry, though, I synced my old E with the new software. I now have two users on my palm software, and, as far as I can tell, no way of transferring the data from one to the other, nor to my new PDA E2! I don't have outlook on my machine and don't want to buy and install it just so I can transfer my data to my new palm. I guess what I am saying here is this: Help!!

    Thank you,


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    I think you need to use the same user name on the new E2 that you used on the old E. Then you change your sync settings to "desktop overwrites handheld" for all conduits and sync to the new device. Then you change your settings back to "synchronize" for all conduits for future hotsyncs. This worked for me.

    If this does not work for you, print out all data and go to a paper system. This also worked for me.


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      Always a good idea to make a backup copy of your palm directory before you do anything.

      1) Assuming you now have two user ID's on the Palm Desktop and you haven't synced the new device, the first sync will ask which user to sync to. Simply select your original user ID and let it rip.

      2) If you have synced the new device to the wrong user ID, you will need to do a hard reset by:

      A) While holding the power button, press & release the reset button in back
      B) when the logo appears, release the power button.
      C) You should see an "Erase all data?" screen. Press the up button.

      You now have a virgin device, and can go back to step 1.


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        Thank you!!!!