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GDT also for Nokia E90 communicator/series 60?

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  • GDT also for Nokia E90 communicator/series 60?

    I'm a user of Microsoft Outlook on my PC. I also use a handheld with Windows Mobile 5.0. The two systems connect easily and allow me to taylor the set up according to my GTD habits.

    Now I'v switched to the new Nokia E90 communicator, a mobile based on the S60 platform. I wonder if this communicator and my Outlook on my laptop will connect as easy. And would it be possible for me to adjust the set up according to my Windows Mobile set up?

    Any experiance here?

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    Series 60 does not support categories

    The Nokia/Symbian phones are wonderful, but there's one major flaw: they don't support categories. So you'll get all your tasks in one big chunk.

    I have a Nokia E60, but after implementing GTD I have dumped it. And returned to my Palm (which supports almost infinite categories, if you buy the 'Key Suite' from


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      Symbian phones DO support categories, the just don't show them. The information is synchronized to your phone, the internal applications are just too braindead to use them. Try Papyrus !


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        Not really suitable for me...

        I have a Nokia 9500 myself and tried using it for GtD and have also needed to drop it almost completely. As with the E90 you can't sync categories correctly so you end up with a mess. The screen size and the quality key board make it appear like a great tool for GtD, if it weren't for the categories issue.

        Given that the keyboard on my Commie is actually really nice, I did try implementing GtD using only the phone, i.e. without trying to sync to the PC. The font for the calendar app was too large, so I switched to Projekt, a really good (standalone!) outline app for Symbian. It has lots of features and lots of font sizes (for the N9500 at least). Nevertheless, I stopped using it because the phone screen was too small for me to work with it comfortably. The screen on the E90 seems bigger though, so who knows.

        Now I have switched to a paper planner and I have noticed that having so much (paper) real estate, and its flexibility, is something that really goes with me. So possibly it wasn't that the screen size was so much of a problem, but simply that I need something like paper to work with.

        I still use the phone for the shorter context lists that I want to carry with me all the time, but that I don't consult 20 times a day: @home, @errands, @shopping list, @web, @Agenda - partner, @email private, @call private. For this it works brilliantly. Also it serves as my UCT.

        I am thinking of switching to the E90, so if you find a good GtD implementation for it, please let me know. Hope you enjoy the phone...