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Functional Office Furniture

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  • Functional Office Furniture

    I am in the process of creating a new home office. I have used HON furniture in the past and I am looking to see what else is available. In the last mailing, David Allen mentioned his use of the Herman Miller Passage System - does anyone else have any other recommendations?

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    I just bought a Galant corner desk from Ikea. It's good quality, very stable and wasn't hard to assemble.


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      I can offer a bit of advice around filing:
      From Why every problem should be a GTD project:
      [7] Instead of buying cheapo filing cabinets from the big box office supply store, we go to an awesome local used office furniture store, which has a ton of inexpensive, but very high quality, filing cabinets. Our two-drawer cabinets are usually $300-400, but we got them for ~$50 each. They really work smoothly, and have have plenty of capacity. Plus, you never know what you'll find in them!
      Also, some books suggest that a "U" shaped desk arrangement is most functional. "L" is next, followed by parallel front-back desks, and finally the lowly single wide surface.

      Post some pics when it's set up?