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Palm Desktop v. Outlook

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  • Palm Desktop v. Outlook

    Can anyone summarize the pros and cons of each as a desktop GTD tool?

    I use a Palm, and have happily used the Palm Desktop for my GTD system for the past 18-24 months. I just took a new position in a more techno-oriented company, and while I can certainly still function w/ Palm Desktop, there may be some gains if I switch to Outlook as my GTD tool of choice. I'd probably look at setting up Outlook per the GTD whitepaper.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts, and thanks in advance!


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    I use Outlook and love it, so this is a biased opinion

    #1 E-mail. Is OUtlook what you'll use for E-mail? It is so easy to drag an e-mail to the task folder and make it a next action. Similarly, I'v set up a tickler file for @waiting E-mails I send, I set a flag for the date that the task I delgated should be done, and filter so that only flags due today appear. Pretty nifty!

    #2 Drag and drop in general-- Make an appointment to a To-do and vice versa just like that!

    #3 Next Actions-- You can set up views in your task list so multiple contexts come up. When I am at my office, I like to see all of my @computer, @phone etc all in one place.

    #4 Projects-- Using the idea of setting up projects as contacts (see you have a nice way to see all of your next actions for a project at a glance. Plus, you can insert documents and e-mails as your suport materials.

    Cons? Some people have problems syncing but I never had it, using Pocket Mirror Professional.

    Good luck in your choice!


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      palm desktop vs. outlook

      I am in a similar position, having the opportunity to switch to outlook with my new position change. I am relatively new to GTD, thus just getting used to palm lists and categories thus i fear switching so soon. I also like to keep things simple. At the same time it seems everyone is using outlook so i am out of the loop by not using it.

      Need more feedback!!.



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        I've had problems trying to use Outlook and Palm. Wasnt always able to sync well and hate thinking there may be stuff tied up in one or the other and not both.


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          I've never had an item in my Palm not syunc to Outlook and vice versa. What sync software did you use? I use PocketMirror professional from Chapura.

          Don't be afraid of Outlook, you can have as much or as little customization as you'd like. I am sure you will find it as easy to use as the Palm Desktop, but feel free to post if you have any specific questions.