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newbie question - choose a calendar tool

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  • newbie question - choose a calendar tool

    I am implementing GTD and I am looking for a computer calendar tool.
    I do not use Outlook so I do not wish to use it only for calendar.
    Waht you would suggest me?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Why not a paper planner/calendar?

    Why not a paper planner/calendar? Fast booting process, no viruses, eternal battery life!


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      calendar multifunctions

      sI like paper for eeing the whole "picture" and the reasons TesTeq mentioned. But, with digital you can readily and regulary make back up copies for yourself and others as needed, and if you use a PDA you don't carry such a big weight and volume with you.

      The problem is that one needs a calendar to do several overlapping things and more or less for different people:

      a reference for the times and -places things we have planned will take place

      a cueing device in regard to upcoming events

      a "time work bench"--move things about. figure in lead times, etc.

      communication to others (e.g. calendar on frig or a copy of ones personal calendar)

      journal or record of what we have done or what someone else did

      appendix for information we need to have at hand such as addresses and phone numbers and that gets updated often

      catch all for bits and peices of unprocessed information

      and probably others.

      You might think about what might work for you due to preference, style, constraints. If you are new to using a planner, I would work with paper first and visist the DIY planner site to print out some trial pages before you commit $$ and time.



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        If I were you I'd use Google calendar.


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          I also recommend Google Calendar.

          btw... I use both Outlook and Gmail for GTD since our companies IT dept wont let me link my email messages with an outside application. they do however let me link my Outlook Calendar with my Google Calandar, so at least my appts are current.

          If you just want a daytimer type calendar have a look at Anytime Organizer...if it only had an email function it would be perfect for everything.

          but alas...




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            I've recently begun using EssentialPIM (
            It's like a very light portable Outlook without mail functions. Apart from the Calendar tool it has contacts and tasks (which can be in tree form) I use the Notes function to store my reference information. It has a "places" option, and a powerful Search tool, so I assign Tags (waiting for, this week, ...) and I can filter and print my lists.
            There is a paid and a free edition. I've tried lots of GTD tools and finally I think I found the one that will help me with my GTD implementation.


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              If your computer is online all the time, then it would be hard to go wrong with Google Calendar.


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                I'll third Google Calendar. If you want the best of both worlds... Google Calendar has this amazing feature... it's called "Print"


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                  I Have chosen google calendar and it seems OK until now.
                  Thanks for your answers.