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Datebk5 question

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  • Datebk5 question

    I recently loaded Datebk5 on my palm m515 and really like it. Is there a version of Datebk5 for the Palm Desktop application as well, or do you have to use the default Date Book application on the desktop?

    Thanks for any input

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    Alas, no Datebk5 Desktop

    The title says it all. Given the somewhat eccentric, kitchen sink character of Datebk5 (aka creeping featureitis), the absence of a desktop component is not surprising. If you want a palm/desktop integrated duo, have a look at Agendus. I am using Datebk5 right now, but I have also used Agendus in the past.


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      I believe the developer (CESD is his initials and what he is called) is working on one. You can check the Datebk5 Yahoo group to see what the progress is or send him an E-mail directly (Goto to get his address.

      CESD is an extremely responsive developer and I am sure he will respond to you quickly.


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        Thank you

        Thanks for your feedback. I'm going to email the developer of datebk5 and check out agendus. So far, the datebk5 functionality is perfect, and I'd like to stay with it if possible.

        Thanks again


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          Datebk5 is a great program, and I've tried the others but always returned to it.

          Have you had any response from CESD regarding a desktop version?