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all in one on the web pim?

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  • all in one on the web pim?

    Wouldn't be nice to have everything one page, all apps, etc...

    Is Davidco planning on developing their own?

    I have a palm.

    This is what I'm thinkin'

    Use my palm, but
    Use Gcal, Gnotebook (ticklers, projects), Jott for messages
    Now how should I sync this with my palm.

    AND... is there a program that's on the web that can also be used offline?

    I was looking at Anytime software, anybody use it?

    Thanks for your help.

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    There are applications to sync gCal to a palm (search on google calendar palm) but that's about it. I haven't found a good option for the other parts of my system....


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      Your whole life on one page?

      Originally posted by jaludwick View Post
      Wouldn't be nice to have everything one page, all apps, etc...
      Your whole life on one page?


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        @jaludwick, I'm not too keen on online GTD solutions - I wouldn't want to rely on having online access all the time, but I do understand why for many users it would be idea!

        But it amazes me why DavidCo haven't brought out their own system yet! It could be subscription based, along the lines of the GTD Connect program?

        If DavidCo did it and did it well, I think all the others would probably be left behind!

        As someone said here recently, a lot of the GTD sites end up being someone else's version of GTD and often they feel a bit of a hack too!

        Having said all that, maybe DavidCo are not getting involved as they think there isn’t a single GTD application that would fit everyone’s requirements?

        Maybe they're thinking is isn't a fix-all solution or app.?

        Would be cool if they had a shot at it though!

        Best regards,