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Palm: Categories w/ action lists/project Qs

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  • Palm: Categories w/ action lists/project Qs

    I'm using a palm.

    I understand the action list and project list methodology, but...

    I have several categories (home, office, marketing, events, etc...)

    Should I have action list and projects list for each category seperatly?


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    The palm has a limitation of 15 categories (+ unfiled) in all four basic apps (task list, calendar, contacts, and memos), but the categories need not be the same (this is not the case in Outlook where categories are shared). Most people have several contexts for next actions (home, office, errands,..), but these categories do not convey information about what area of your life they come from (marketing, home,..).

    It is unlikely you want to break up your projects along the lines of sales, marketing, events, or whatever because a) it's not very useful to categorize them this way,and b) you have to decide where a project goes, and it's sometimes ambiguous. Many people have one project list, others have two, usually Home Projects and Work Projects, and some have Delegated Projects too. I wouldn't want more than three myself. The point of the project list(s) is to be able to review all projects in a convenient way.
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      action lists

      so I'm thnkin I should not have any categories assoc. with projects or action list.

      any suggestions?


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        I have a TX and I use the categories for contexts for next actions only. Note I only use it for work - I use Thinking Rock on the PC for home. My categories/contexts are

        @waiting for

        I sync to Outlook on my PC at work, and on Outlook, where I can allocate an item to more than one category, I have a separate set of categories for areas of responsibility, and both NAs and Projects are allocated to one of these.