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GTD add-in for Outlook Mobile (for Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones)

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  • GTD add-in for Outlook Mobile (for Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones)

    I've written a plugin for my Windows Mobile smartphone to better suit my GTD needs - to make it easier to triage the emails in my inbox in one pass, moving them to my task list, diary, or project materials as appropriate.

    In desktop Outlook, if I get an email from someone asking me to do something, I can move the information to my Tasks list by dragging the email to my tasks folder. I get a new task item, with all of the information in the email copied across. Similarly, emails about events can be turned into Appointment items by dragging to my calendar folder and so on. This way, I'm not storing actions in my inbox.

    What I've tried to do is write something that provides the same ability in Outlook Mobile.

    If anyone thinks this would be useful to them, they are welcome to a copy:

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    very interesting - trying it now. Thanks for sharing.

    update: it also works on your SMS txt messages - great for when I get a list of groceries sent through from my wife for me to pick-up (and pay for) on the way home from work - tap and hold, set context (category) to @Errands and I'm good to go.
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      Bravo! and a further request...

      I've been wanting this very thing for a long time. Thank you for picking up my vibe

      There is something more that I want that I'm sure every other Windows Mobile user of the NetCentrics GTD add-in also wants...

      Can you make something that allows contexts to be set from the Windows Mobile device? As you probably know, setting the category does not set the GTD add-in Action field. Same is true for GTD add-in Project names but I could live without Project functionality if I had the context fuctionality.

      Any chance you could do that? This would be worth a donation in my opinion. I'd be happy to contribute to the development fund.

      Thanks again!!
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