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Treo 700 not synching with Outlook Notes

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  • Treo 700 not synching with Outlook Notes

    I am using Outlook (with the netcentrics add-in) and synching (wireless) with my Treo - only problem is that it doesn't synch outlooks notes. Anyone found a way around this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    The Treo doesn't sync the Notes that saved on SD card. If you save them into the main memory everything should work. It's a feature


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      I guess I am not nearly as techy as I thought as I have no clue what you mean by 'saving them to main memory' - can you please give me a little more info? Thanks! Katherine


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        You can store your notes in:

        1. Main Memory (by default);

        2. Secure Digital Card (SD card) that you buy and install additionally.

        In Treo options you can choose where to save new Notes.

        If you store them to external SD card they can't be sync'ed with Outlook. That's Treo's bug...


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          Doesn't Work Wirelessly

          Neither the 700P or the 700wx wirelessly sync outlook notes. You have to sync with the cable.


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            Hotsync software

            If the hotsync software is set to sync, it should work, whether wireless or corded.


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              Notes aren't synch'd over the air because of the way ActiveSync talks to the Exchange Server. It will only sync with the local machine's copy of Outlook, either by Bluetooth or the cable. The broadband connection to owa won't do it.