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Mentat Advisor: Serious project management and GTD for teams

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  • Mentat Advisor: Serious project management and GTD for teams

    Hello all,

    I work for Brain Murmurs, Inc., a Research and Development company based out of Seattle, WA. We're staunch advocates of Getting Thing Done® and wanted a tool to help our team use that methodology. Since nothing fit the bill for us perfectly, we've built a web service called Mentat to help integrate personal task management with collaborative team projects. We are really excited about it want to share this product with other teams and provide a fast, clean and powerful option to handle complex tasks and projects.

    In the course of our business, we work on several different projects internally as well as a large number of projects for external customers. On top of that, all of us have to deal with day to day priorities like bills and household errands. This makes it very difficult to keep track of what to take care of in the moment. Mentat is the tool we use for being able to easily see & sort through tasks anytime, anywhere. Being able to do this all from within one application, from the desk or on the move with the mobile interface, has really been a boost for our productivity.

    Mentat tightly integrates team/group and personal tasks into a single, unified interface. The beauty resides in the ability to use Mentat for everything at work, but also maintain you own private tasks - all as part of the same daily agenda. On top of that, our 'tab-out' feature for fast task creation makes for a really cool way to enter information quickly without breaking your stride.

    Mentat is available as a free web service for personal users. A richer feature set can be purchased at a low monthly rates for small teams & businesses. Large corporate options are also available.

    It's good to get chance to share our ideas with you here & I hope you find it useful.

    You can read a more complete overview of the Mentat product at our corporate website:

    And feel free to test drive Mentat now! We're up and running!


    Erik Fleuter
    Brain Murmurs, Inc.