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powermarks - netsync facility

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  • powermarks - netsync facility

    Hi there
    After Bill's suggestion I finally took the plunge and have been trialling powermarks for the last day and it's unbelievable. I'm getting close to setting up my reference filing system inside pm as well - but am really nervous about it.... will post my concerns in another message later on when my mind is clearer... my main question now is that on the powermarks handbook or guide it says you 'can access your bookmarks from any computer' .. now is this true? i've signed up to netsync but can't see where i would sign 'in' to that service if i was on say a client's computer and wanted to show them some sites relevant to their situation.
    From what I can see you need to have powermarks installed to download the bookmarks... perhaps I"m getting it wrong...
    thanks for your help....

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    Hi Helen -- No, you are correct. The NetSync option is for use when you have Powermarks installed on whatever computers are involved. It is not designed as a "website" that you can visit to see your bookmarks. It's purpose is as a method to sync your bookmarks between two installations of Powermarks, or as a backup of your bookmarks that can be restored to a Powermarks installation in case of a catastrophe.

    By the way, don't be nervous about setting up the filing system. Just try a "sample" of files, and see how it goes. You can always abandon the idea if you don't like it. However, I can just about guarantee that you will be pleased. This method takes GTD filing to another level.


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      Backing up Powermarks

      Hi Coz,

      I have recently learned about Powermarks and I downloaded the trial a few days ago. I like it a lot and I think I will use it for my physical files in the manner Bill Kratz has suggested.

      Regarding your recent posting:

      Is there a "Backup" feature in Powermarks, which backs the data up, or do you mean that one should remember that there is data in this file and should be backed up with the rest of the data, which usually resides in the "My documents" file?

      If the latter is what you meant, do you know if Powermarks allows for the data file to be stored in a location of your choice, ie: in the "My documents folder"?