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Device sync'ing without software?

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  • Device sync'ing without software?

    Is there a mobile device that can sync with Outlook (tasks, contacts, calendar) without requiring sync software to be installed on my PC?

    I currently have a Treo 650. I use Palm software to sync with Outlook. My employer has recently introduced a cast iron policy of not allowing such software to be installed. There is no work around.

    My Treo is reaching the end of its workable life, and I soon need to upgrade, hence my question.

    Our operating system is XP.

    Any ideas?

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    Not quite no software but this works for me in similar circumstances:

    Windows Mobile
    Google Calendar

    Export Outlook calendar to csv file (File/Import and Export)

    in Google Calendar import csv file (Add/ Import Calendar). It'll handle re-importing existing outlook appointments (i.e. no need to delete anything before import)

    Need to import to your main calendar for GMobileSync to pick up.

    Run GMobileSync on your device, calendar syncs

    Not ideal, but gets me around the no software rule.

    Hope this helps



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      The previous reply is basically what I was going to suggest. The only difference is I use OggSync to get the GCal to sync to the mobile device.

      This would accomplish what you need as you don't install any apps on the PC. You just use a web based app (Google Calendar) and export from your Outlook.

      OggSync gets installed on "your" WM device. Now, if it is a company device with the same no software lock down policy - then this will not work for you.


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        These seem like a couple of great suggestions, thanks.

        Would either of these solutions allow me to, say, enter a diary event on my mobile device and then somehow get it back onto my Outlook calendar? I can see how the process you both descibe would mirror my Outlook calendar on the mobile device, but I'm not sure about the other way around.

        (excuse me if I'm being dense!)


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          Try Airset

 will allow you to enter calendar and contacts data over the web or at another pc using their sync tool, without having to use adminstrator privilidges. You can then sync to your regular pc, and to outlook or palm desktop.



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            I have a nokia smart phone that syncs directly to my works microsoft exchange server. I guess this is a possible way to. New smart phone have the nessecary software installed, all you need to know is the server names exchange accounts and passwords. Then you can sync with outlook from anywhere