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Is there a tool that connects Next Actions to Memos and Checklists

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  • Is there a tool that connects Next Actions to Memos and Checklists

    I use Life Balance successfully with a full GTD implementation. I use symbols to distinguish my projects from my next actions and I can review either during a weekly review.

    A minor annoyance is that I might need to reference a Memo (I use Palm Memos...I don't want to use a note as the note deletes when I delete the Next Action) or I might need to go through a Checklist (I use ThoughtManager for my checklists).

    I wish I could "hyperlink" my next action to the relevant memo or checklist. Currently I have to get out of Life Balance and then push a few buttons to get to memo or checklist.

    Does anyone know of anything that does what I describe? I'm tied to my Palm and do all my tasks off of it rather than a computer. I do use the computer for entry and backup -- I use a Mac. I don't think ThoughtManager syncs with a Mac so it's an orphaned application with no back up.


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    Like you I also use LB on the palm. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

    * You could create some LB entries (with zero importance and effort) that contain the data from your checklists and memos in the notes field. These would never be deleted and could be consulted from within LB.

    * You could print up some index cards or a pocketmemos of your memos and checklists. These hardcopies can be easily reviewed without changing palm apps.

    - Don


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      It takes some configuring to set it up but take a look at PsLink. It's freeware (at least it was when I installed it).

      I use several different apps on my Treo i.e. Life Balance, MemoLeaf, and Note Studio. PsLink allows me to link notes from MemoLeaf (or your regular Memos database) to Life Balance in the same situation you described. I can also link a project from Life Balance to Note Studio where references are stored. Works very well with linking contacts to @Calls, etc... If you're inclined to link your NA to Project List, you can also do that (i.e. place a link in NA to the Project in Memos).

      Even though it is a Palm feature (not desktop), I can still set the link up on desktop (by placing the symbols) and have that link "go active" once it's synced over to the Treo.

      For instance, on my desktop, I can enter an action in Life Balance with a link to a project:
      - Call Linda 555-2222 outline for :Children and Pets:
      In the above example, the colons around Children and Pets are the link to the the memo with the same title in the Palm memo database which contains all the reference and notes for that project. When synced over to the Treo, I can double tap on the phrase between the colons and that will take me out of Life Balance into memos. Off topic, but in case you wonder, I then use McPhling (another Palm app) to jump from memos back to Life Balance.

      It does look confusing and may take some time to set it up. Despite its critics, Palm OS works well for me because of this flexibility and third party apps. I've yet found something similar in the other OS.


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        I'm using a combination of the freeware apps PSLink and WikiZ. For the record, PSLink can do it all, but I find WikiZ is much faster linking to my large memo database.

        Another nice option for linking to memos is using CamelCase (aka WikiName or WikiCase) to title memos. (You'll need to enable the feature in either PSLink or WikiZ). Simply write the title (first line) of the memo in CamelCase and you have an automatic link. For example you could create a memo called "MyCheckList", and then tapping on the text "MyCheckList" in LB will immediately jump you to that memo. Very handy.

        PSLink may or may not be able to link to a ThoughtManager checklist depending on how its database is set up. I use the excellent freeware HandyShopper for checklists and can link with PSLink.


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          Success! thanks

          I downloaded PSLink and it's awesome...just what I was asking for. I know have it link to MemoLeaf (for project reference) and Thought Manager (for my checklists).

          thanks for all the input,