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Newer Palm - a distraction from Getting Things Done?

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  • Newer Palm - a distraction from Getting Things Done?

    I currently use an IBM branded Palm V with 2MB of memory. I use a very simple implementation of GTD using the built-in Palm apps (synced with Microsoft Outlook) much as DA describes in one of his "tips" articles on using the Palm. I have more than sufficient memory for this purpose.

    I am lured by the seduction of newer Palm and Sony devices with high resolution screens and more memory/features but I'm afraid of the possible distraction (and time-wasting) of playing around and tweaking with my Palm instead of using it efficiently and effectively for GTD.

    Has anyone here found a PDA hardware upgrade to actually be counter-productive?


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    Newer Palm a distraction

    Hi Max,
    I'm a hopeless gadget freak and enjoy trying out all the new devices. It can be a distraction at times. If you read David's newsletter in the archives about "Organizing Junkies" you'll see how easy it is to get caught up in playing GTD than it is to actually implement and use.

    He also talks in his book about some of his best ideas have came when playing with his Palm or writing with a new pen.

    I get caught up sometimes in playing when I should be doing but some of the new technology is very helpful in getting things done. Even David switched to the Palm Tungsten a while back because he found the voice recorder function helpful.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your new Palm or Pocket PC if you get one.