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Importing legacy Microsoft Money 2003 files into modern-day MM software

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  • Importing legacy Microsoft Money 2003 files into modern-day MM software

    I have all my financial records in Microsoft Money 2003 on a Dell Dimension 8100 desktop PC that was salvaged after being immersed in Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters (I have yet to complete renovation of our home, and still have a FEMA trailer in the front yard). Needless to say, for more than two years we have been undergoing "the life interrupted/disrupted". Except for a USB2 external hard-disk drive containing Norton Ghost 2003 "(whole)disk-to-image" Backup files that I had sealed in plastic and placed on the highest shelf in my home office, every shred of any kind of paper, magnetic or optical record - whether of a personal nature or business-related - was lost. This included all banking/financial/taxation/investing records, all books, all periodicals, all correspondence, all medical/insurance records and - worst of all - family photographs and mementos going back five generations.

    Needless to say, the Money 2003 legacy records are absolutely critical - now more than ever - from a financial, investing and taxation standpoint. A good while back, I attempted to install the Microsoft Money 2003 software on yet another Dell computer but was totally stymied as the Sign-in Name and Password combination I submitted (the only such combination that I have ever used) could not be recognized and the installation was aborted.

    Now, to my dismay I find that Microsoft has now cut off all my online services and wants me to upgrade to a current Money product. I downloaded a trial version of Microsoft Money Essentials only to discover that it was incapable of importing existing files. What I REALLY need to know is twofold: (1) what contemporary Microsoft Money product or products will allow me to import my precious legacy records; and (2) will I encounter problems - nay, will I be able to get any support - in setting up in the event my suspect Sign-in Name/Password combination presents a hurdle?