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  • voice to text services

    This link is a voice to text service, something like I am wondering if anyone has been using this with GTD? Searchability seems to be its key feature. With Jott you can create files. Haven't used it that way so far.

    By the way, if you use Jott you will get a huge text-message bill because all of your Jotts go to both your e-mail and cell phone as text messages. But, if you don't generally use text messaging you can have texting disabled on your cell phone.

    If you don't know what I am talking about, you might want to visit and Qtech and see for yourself that you can make cell phone voice messages come up as text as a e-mail to you or others on your list and both are free or so it appears thus far.

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    Text message charges from your carrier while using Jott

    I wanted to clarify how to manage text message charges from your carrier while using Jott. You can login into your account at and go the settings page. From there click on "My Phones" and uncheck the box indicating that you want a text message sent with every Jott you send. You will then only get your confirmations of jotts sent to your e-mail address. This will really help you manage your text charges.

    I hope this addresses your issue. If you have anymore questions please e-mail us here at

    Greg Andrews
    VP of Marketing


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      If receiving Jotts...

      from other people will I get them as both e-mail and text messges if I have unchecked my phone number or do I need to work that out with each contact? And, can you elect to send your Jotts to your contacts only as e-mails? I don't want to impose on people's text-message budgets and I don't want them to impose on mine. Texting is frightfully expensive....and addictive. I am bringin this up in this forum because I think that voice-to-text is a super way to capture on the fly in the GTD system and because the kind of people who like GTD gernreally like to explore technologies that help their productivity in other ways.
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        Just started Jott

        I am new to GTD and just read about jott in wired. I am not going to use it to send info to other people because I am actually on a mission to reduce unnecessary emails at the office but I love the ability to send random thoughts and actions to myself.

        Question - do you know if there is any future plans to incorporate the subject line. I like the service but I would need to be able to edit the subject line if I was going to effectively use it to send messages to co-workers.