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Entourage v ical

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  • Entourage v ical

    I recently migrated my system from my pc to my mac. i love the mac functionality and most of the applications. For mail, i currently use entourage as it allows me to interact easily with outlook users and i like the project center facility but i would be interested to hear how others use either entourage or ical.



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    I am also interested in this subject as well as how folks are using Entourage for GTD. I am a current outlook user and have the plugin which works well for me -- I know there is a DA paper on setting up entourage to do the same basic tasks.

    My other challenge is integrating my Blackberry Curve into the mix. I rely on the wireless synch to my exchange server which then updates Outlook for me. It would be a big step back to lose this ability and is one of the main reasons I am hesitant about dropping my windows notebook for a mac.

    Are there others out there using entourage, exchange, and a blackberry who have been able to make it work without spending 40+ hours doing so?