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  • OmniFocus public beta

    Final release of the The Omni Group's Mac OS X GTD application is 8th Jan. Cost will be $79.95 with upgrade pricing for OmniOutliner Pro owners. There is a special price of $39.95 if you pre-order before the release date.

    The beta can be downloaded free and there are some movies on the web site of OmniFocus in action.

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    Be careful!

    I could not make the video play on my MacBook Pro so struck out on my own to learn the program. I chose to sync with ical and it moved all my tasks out of iCal and into OF. Now I'm stuck with having to learn how to use OF and have lost the ability to get my tasks back into iCal independent of OF.

    Just beware before you use!

    UPDATE: I have worked through the bugs (many of them caused by me and not the program(!) and am finding OF to be a very powerful and useful program.
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      OmniFocus Video

      GTDWorks, I'd be happy help in any way with the video. I'll be outputting a couple other versions (for youtube like embedding) as well, though you might try the iPhone version (which should play fine in both quicktime and on itunes). If you're still having trouble with the iPhone version, give me a shout at es at and I'll be happy to assist in any way I can.


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        Thanks - all done. Appreciate your help. Great program!


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          Does anybody know, if there will be a german version in the future?


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            Sounds like everybody should backup their iCal database before doing anything with OmniFocus. You can do this in File > Backup iCal


            PS: There is a report on the Omni blog that they have over $100,000 preorders already.
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              $100k - good for Omnigroup!


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                It's a good program , you just have to be careful not to get caught up in the " bells and whistles " . I'm preaching to myself here : )