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looking for a softwarefor implementing GTD

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  • looking for a softwarefor implementing GTD


    I have using for a couple of month GTD quite successfully.
    Until now I have only used pen and paper and I find it sometimes a bit long to update my lists so I would like to move on a software. I use a PC with Windows. I do not use Outlook. And it would be a plus if I could move data on USB. I could be also interested if I could install something on my personal website.

    I would like to find a software which really implement GTD.

    Which ones do you advise me?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    About software for GTD...


    Try this link and check it out....

    Perhaps you like it...

    Best luck


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      MyLife Organized is pretty good, and is well supported.

      Tudumo is in beta, but in terms of fully functional, yet elegantly simple design, it looks very promising.

      If your personal website supports Ruby or PHP plus MySQL, then you might consider going entirely online with Tracks. or you could consider using a hosted service like Vitalist or Nozbe or Todoist.

      Good luck in finding the best solution for you!



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        Thinking Rock

        Try Thinking Rock (TR), this is a Java GTD application, currently version 2.0. It runs on Windows, Mac, linux, etc... It can also be installed 100% on an USB key if you like mobility.

        The strength of TR is that it is a application 100% designed to implement GTD, not a task list manager that is "arrange" to become more or less GTD oriented.

        And it's free (but a donation is welcome, I have done one as I am using this software as my trusted system since a a few months).



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          I have tried Thinking Rock and I am satisfied of it.
          Thanks again for you answers