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    Hello everyone,

    We are currently redeveloping our entire service and, simultaneously, have hundreds of new features that we would like to release.

    The redevelopment has, in itself, hundreds of dependancies and so do the new features. So, what i mean to say is, A cannot be completed before B which, in turn cannot be completed before C, D & E.

    Can anyone refer us to a software which will let us register each and every task along with its parent/child item so that the software can then create some type of huge flow chart which shows all items and their relationship to each other. That way we work on the items that we should be working on.


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    For something like that I would use a robust project management application. I wouldn't trust a GTD-type app to be able to adequately handle the dependencies.


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      Perhaps one of the more robust mind-mapping programs could help. It would require a feature to allow for text (outline) views of the tasks as well as the visual representation you seek. I do not use such programs, so I can't make a specific recommendation - perhaps other viewers could recommend a few...

      Best -


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        Thanks for the direction.


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          Project Management Software

          Microsoft Project is probably the industry standard for this. There are other applications that might also serve you well but Project is probably the most common. It works reasonably well, though it does have some strange behavior. I haven't (unfortunately) really found anything else that works better.


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            Thanks. I've spent the last 5 hours coming to the same conclusion and pressed the download button on Project a few seconds before getting your post's notification.