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Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) software/freeware for GTD?

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  • Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) software/freeware for GTD?

    Does anyone know of any usable software for doing GTD on Windows Mobile 6 (WM6)? Even if it doesn't fully map to GTD concepts, just a good list tool that I can use to store multiple lists (for my next action lists etc). I'd prefer freeware if anyone knows of any.

    I came across SmarterTasks but it sounds there may be some kinks to be worked out for WM6.

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    I'm trying to find out if the Tasks function that comes with Windows Mobile 6 is okay for GTD. By what you say it isn't. Can't you categorise tasks in Windows Mobile 6? Or are you looking for linking projects and actions?

    I assume Mylifeorganised can be used with Windows Mobile as it can be used on Pocket PCs and Windows Desktop. MLO can link actions and projects. It might be what you are looking for. I myself prefer Outlook but I'm unusual perhaps.


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      MLO looks interesting but apparently it doesn't run on smartphones. I guess I should mention that this is for Motorola Q 9m smartphone (which does not use a touch screen or stylus).

      As best as I can tell, the built in task manager lets you create one big list of tasks and only seems to provide the capability to categorize that list into the following predefined categories:
      Business, Holiday, Personal, Seasonal.

      Also the actual categorization process is a little tedious.

      The whole reason I bought this thing was to hold lists for GTD (which I would think should be a trivially easy task) and now I'm wondering how to do it.

      Any other ideas?


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        I'm going to try using Memopad which is built-in windows mobile 6 software, at least for the time being until I find something better or switch to a blackberry.

        Memopad let's you create "memos" which are saved as text files under the "My Documents\My Memos" folder. When you open the Memopad program you are presented with a list of your memos which you can open to view or you can create a new memo. Once inside a particular memo, you are in a basic text editor. So I'm thinking I can just create a memo for each of my Next Action lists and projects list. I like the idea of working with just simple text files.

        Still very interested in hearing other solutions to this.


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          Evernote looks interesting... you can try it.-


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            Is it possible to upgrade the windows mobile version on your handset? I believe the latest release from MS is 6.5. You might get a better task manager with the new release (not sure though)


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                Originally posted by overflowing View Post
                As best as I can tell, the built in task manager lets you create one big list of tasks and only seems to provide the capability to categorize that list into the following predefined categories:
                Business, Holiday, Personal, Seasonal.
                My experience with WM 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 (syncing with an Exchange server) is that you get essentially full Outlook functionality, including the ability to create new categories as needed. Wouldn't be much of an application otherwise.

                WM certainly has its failings, but it's not quite this bad!

                Best of luck with the new device,


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                  I have a WinMo 5 phone (T-mobile MDA) and Serge is correct, Outlook Categories are fully supported in the various version of Windows Mobile.

                  I use PocketBreeze as my "Home Screen" on my phone. Check it out, it gives you a better interface to the Outlook data on your phone.


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                    I just use the built-in Tasks app. I used to sync it to Outlook until I went from freelancing to a day job that added a third computer into the mix: i.e. home desktop, office desktop and laptop. ActiveSync/WMDC only sync with two computers. So I dumped Outlook and put everything into GooSync. I'll be switching to an Android phone in June, at which time I'll be able to use the Google PIM ecosystem 100%, but GooSync has been a decent interim solution. Of course, if you don't use more than two PCs, OTA syncing over the air with Exchange ActiveSync is fantastic.

                    As far as third party PIMs for the device, I don't use any, but lots of users swear by Pocket Informant.


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                      I use the native tasks/calendar apps in WM 6.1 as the mobile version of my system -- I use Outlook with the GTD AddIn as my primary data entry/system access. If you're syncing your WM device with Outlook you should be able to use the task application for your lists. All of your categories from Outlook are available in WM. If you open the tasks application, you can filter your view by category (Menu-->Filter) to see only one context at a time.



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                        ...and outlook?

                        Is there anybody that simply use Outlook of the Windows mobile system??


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                          Take a look at this

                          It's open source with desktop & windows mobile version.

                          i've been using it for my reference system.


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                            Originally posted by clango View Post
                            Is there anybody that simply use Outlook of the Windows mobile system??

                            Hi Clango,

                            I think that what you call Outlook mobile is what others have referred to as the 'native' applications in Windows Mobile. This includes E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Onenote (the latter might be dependent on which version of WM your phone runs; other apps such as Notes may also be synched, but these are the ones that I am aware of). All are compatible with the desktop version of Outlook. They are an intrinsic part of Windows Mobile, not a separate application that you need to install.

                            Hoping this helps,


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                              If you are looking for a highly capable, customizable and robust application for handling tasks and calendar on WM, you should definately have a look at Pocket Informant (PI). I am using PI on a HTC HD2 and it is indeed superb.

                              As far as tasks are concerned, my issue with the native tasks application is that there is no option to group tasks by category, as there is in Outlook. You need to filter each individual category. PI offers this, allowing you to select which categories to show - for example, I display @c, @call, @h, @office, @out (my shopping category). I choose not to display .F and .S/M, which I only need to review on the desktop.

                              The Tasks application has been a major disappointment of WM O/S for a long time. Calendar has been ok. Pocket Informant takes these two to the next level.

                              Only drawback is that it is very resource intensive. I had tried it on previous WM devices (HTC K-Jam, HTC Universal) and it would make the device quite slow. With the 1GHz processor of the HD2, this is a thing of the past. Plus, the tasks/calendar application is beautiful on the 4.3" display...

                              Definately worth the 20$ cost...