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Windows XP vs. Windows 2000??

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  • Windows XP vs. Windows 2000??

    This may be a dumb question, but do you think there are any personal productivity advantages between upgrading to Windows XP vs. Windows 2000? I have a PC running on Wondows 98 and am thinking about upgrading but am deterred by the possibility of installation glitches and mucho headaches for very little payback. Any thoughts? Thanks!


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    Windows XP

    I have recently upgraded to XP and found the functionality worth the investment. There are heaps of streamlined interfaces and I find the XP has been extremely stable. I also added Office XP version 2002 as well and my system has never been more stable. I did not notice too much changed in Outlook to get excited about. The Windows XP is worth it and one area that works well for me is the Net Meeting and remote functions and collaboration tools.

    In regards to the pen, I was in the US recently and noted a few users of the pen, (how can you miss them?!). The feedback I had was they worked well but not perfect. Great for the lover of gizmos but not yet perfected for those like me who want a functional tool rather than a neat thing to work on or play with. I also found the size a bit off-putting but that could just be my outdated attitudes or ego!


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      Windows XP and Office 2003

      I have been in the process of making a similar decision on upgrading from the Microsoft Windows® Milenium edition to XP. This was prompted by my interest in the latest version of Microsoft's Office suite (2003) and in particular, the new contact management features added in the latest version of Outlook.

      It appears that to run this I must be using either Microsoft Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later; or Windows XP.


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        upgrading from 2000 to xp will afford very little to no productivity gains. Upgrading from 9x to 2000 or xp will afford significant productivity gains because 9x is incredibly unstable and 2000/xp is a huge improvement.