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Best Web/Desktop Calendar?

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  • Best Web/Desktop Calendar?

    A perfect calendar for me would have these features:

    1. E-mail reminders - I want to be able to automatically receive emails 2 days prior to an event. I don't want to have to set a reminder separately for each event either. It would be neat if there was an option that automatically did this for ALL events.

    2. Flexible - I want a calendar that has the ability to let me easily sculpt it. One feature I like about 30boxes and gCal is that you can drag events to different dates. I like that you can easily delete events in 30Boxes by dragging it into the trashcan. I also want to be able to make spread events - events that stretch across 2 or more days visually. Like a long bar that says 'semester tests' across one week when I have my semester tests or 'christmas break' that stretches across the days I have christmas break for school.

    Anyone know of any web OR desktop calendars that do this?

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    You already mention Google Calendar, which seems to do all this. Did you find something lacking there?


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      Yes, Google calendar does everything you want---email reminders, graphical manipulation, etc. It's set up to send email reminders for all events by default.

      (For the more venerable [think 1980s] and esoteric, I highly recommend the text-based program Remind. -- -- Lightning fast to manipulate, very flexible output, and scriptable to your heart's content. But this will not be to everyone's liking since it's a bit geeky and runs on *nix platforms.)