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Help With My GTD Planning System

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  • Help With My GTD Planning System


    I have tried using straight GTD and straight RPM. Neither of them work too well together for me. I even looked at Franklin Covey. I was just going to use Outlook with List Pro for my desktop and on my mobile List Pro with Pocket Informant. I was going to work straight off my action lists with an 80/20 princeple.

    Now however, I am replacing List Pro with a program called achieve planner. The problem with achieve planner is it works tops down (like RPM) for the weekly review in the automated wizard but other wise makes a killer GTD application.

    Any feed back about what you think. I really need to decide on something.

    Essentilaly for project and life planning my system looks like this

    Achieve Planner
    Microsoft Outlook
    Mind Manager Pro
    Pocket Informant
    A Note Card Jotter
    A Cybertablet to work with onenote.

    Achieve Planner syncs directly to both OUtlook and Pocket Informant. I need recommendations about how to use Achieve Planner. Any one using it here with how they syncronize with their PDA etc for determining next actions etc. The more detailed the better. My biggest hold-up with it seems to be the automated weekly review which goes top down and not bottom up. Also I am not sure wether you folks recommend scheduling tasks or project blocks on the calendar or neither.