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Nearly PERFECT GTD but....HELP!

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  • Nearly PERFECT GTD but....HELP!

    My goal is to have seamless wireless GTD access.

    DESKTOP: using the Official GTD outlook Plugin on Outlook 2007.

    Connect to a personal Exchange server for $7/month at This cost is VERY MUCH worth it IF you can sync over the air to a wireless device.

    MOBILE: I use my Motorola Q to instantaneously "push" over the air tasks, calendar items, contacts and email and use the Papyrus outlook-addin to view by context on my smartphone.

    The ONLY PROBLEM is syncing PROJECTS created in the Official GTD plug-in on my desktop with my smartphone.

    Based on research, there is only 1 windows Mobile Smartphone program that displays projects: Smartertasks. The major problem with Smartertasks, however is that it defines a project as a category in [ ] square brackets. The root of the problem is that the GTD plug-in uses a CUSTOM FIELD for projects and custom fields are not supported by active sync, preventing any sort of projects syncing between the Official outlook GTD plug-in and Smartertasks.
    Others have requested this same feature as noted in this forum

    Also, I do not want to switch away from the GTD outlook plugin since I already own it and like the interface. I tried Jello and do not like it. I would prefer to continue using Papyrus if it had a projects feature.

    Does anyone have any ideas around this issue? I know that once this is figured out my system will be perfect and seamless no matter what device I am using!

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