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Book or Audio book?

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  • Book or Audio book?

    Hi there,

    Between a book and a audio book, which is advisable?

    Appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful Xmas and Happy New Year


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    I did both. You need to read the book & I use toe audio book to re-enforce the main points. I do a lot of road time so I tend to listen to it every couple of months. Each time I pick up something different.



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      I didn't want to sound like a shameless shill for DavidCo but then I read the post by SalesDave above.

      And I have to confess, I also have both hardcopy and audio version of GTD and RFA... plus I just ordered the unabridged audio version of both as well. It was my Christmas present to me

      Seriously, I think the answer depends of how much time and or money you have. I spend a fair bit of time in the car, and on airplanes, so the audio books are great.

      On the other hand, the hardcopy books are affordable and portable. I bought them first to see if I found the material useful... and I did. I still keep them on my shelf and re-read or loan them out from time to time.

      - Don


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        My son-in-law just joked that he found many hours of DA audio content in my car's CD holder. It's true! I have the following material from Davidco:


        *Getting Things Done (2 copies as I wore out the paperback so bought the hardcover)
        *Ready for Anything"


        *All the GTDConnect audio
        *GTD CD Set
        *Ready for Anything (CD)

        I enjoy learning and DA is a big part of my ongoing personal development.