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Completed tasks should disappear, right?

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  • Completed tasks should disappear, right?

    Just got a new Palm Treo 755 and I think I'll like it but one thing. When I complete a task in one of my contextual lists the little box is checked off but it stays. I have so many tasks it can be difficult but when the completed ones won't go away it becomes overwhelming.

    Someone please tell me how to get them to disappear when completed like tasks do in outlook.

    Thanks in advance,
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    My Palm 750v has no such problems. Tasks dissapear when checked off.


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      Found in the Treo 755p manual.

      Found in the Treo 755p manual:
      Customizing Tasks
      The Tasks Preferences screen enables you to control the appearance of the Tasks list screen.
      1. In the Tasks list screen, press Menu .
      2. Select Options, and then select Preferences.
      3. Set any of the following preferences:
       Sort by indicates the order in which your tasks appear in the list.
       Show Completed Tasks displays tasks that you’ve checked off.
       Record Completion Date replaces the due date with the completion date when you check off a task.
       Show Due Dates displays task due dates and inserts an exclamation point (!) next to overdue tasks.
       Show Priorities displays the priority setting for each task.
       Show Categories displays the category for each task.
       Alarm Sound sets the sound for the alarms you assign to your tasks.
      4. Select OK.
      Simply uncheck the "Show Completed Tasks" option.


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        Originally posted by TesTeq View Post
        Found in the Treo 755p manual:

        Simply uncheck the "Show Completed Tasks" option.
        You can also choose the Purge option under the Record menu and get rid of all the ticked tasks for ever if you don't want a record of them.