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MLO Latest Beta - Wow!

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  • MLO Latest Beta - Wow!

    Hi Guys,

    If you haven't checked MyLifeOrganized (MLO) out in a while it might be worth a second look, or first look if you have not come across it before.

    The latest Public Beta just takes MLO to the next level, and to my mind makes it an ideal GTD application. Here are just a couple of examples of the recent changes,
    • Places renamed to Contexts
    • Filter on Project Name
    • Filter on Time/Effort
    • Filter on dates
    • Group by various different factors, project, date, goals, etc
    • Sort on various different factors, urgency,project status, text etc
    • Specific Filter for 'Next Actions'
    • Specific Filter for All Actions including completed or just Current Actions
    • Customisable Views, define a specific layout in the Context list based on various grouping/sorting then save it! To re-use.
    • Advanced filtering, build up your own filter requirements
    • Option to include or hide undated items
    • Plus lots lots more

    All in all MLO is now just brimming with functionality for ordering your Context based lists. Bearing in mind its an Outliner, you can even display things like the current parent, or the top level parent. Ideal if you group Next Actions and Projects by specific areas.

    To access the Beta information I think you may need to join the Google group, only so comments etc can be posted back on issues, change requests, feature requests etc. Group link is:-

    Well worth a look either if you need a GTD based software solution, or are looking for an Outliner. By the way it also has a PPC edition!

    All the best


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    OK I love lifebalance, though it's pace of development or even adding minor features has been glacial, so the concept of MLO is tempting. However I like the palm operating system and it's simplicity and easy to use.

    How often does the PPC crash, and how easy to use is it?


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      My PPC (HP 4700, upgraded to WM5) seems to crash more often than most of my Palms did; maybe once a week during bad periods. But I'm using a lot of things that we'd have called "hacks" in the Palm world - Fitaly keyboard, text expansion tools, Start bar replacement, etc. I have never run it "bare"; that (or newer WM6 devices) may be more stable.

      That said, I had some bad luck with Palms along the way, especially the later models, and the PPC is significantly more powerful.

      MLO vs. LifeBalance isn't even a contest to me. Yes, I miss the "balance" part of LifeBalance, with the nice pie chart. But MLO's feature set is far, far more advanced. And PPCs sync automatically when you cradle them. Plus, frankly, I like the development philosophy and atmosphere of MLO better than LB.

      You can still run all your Palm apps; there's an emulator called StyleTap that works great, very fast and very compatible. I use it for WWCalc.


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        MLO: full support of all GTD and stable

        Hi There,
        I'm now in the second iteration of implementing GTD. Which means: following the rules of David Allen still more stricktly. In the past year MLO supported me greatly when I set up my GTD environment. But now that supporting the GTD method gets even more critical, MLO keeps surprising me with all the features and nifty details that support GTD to the best extend.


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          There are definitely many layers to MLO. This allows it on the one hand to be used as a basic context based task manager, or as you get more familiar, there's plenty more to explore if you wish. There's a healthy user group and the developers are very active.

          You can sync with a Palm, if you have access to MS Outlook. I'm currently using it this way. In effect, Outlook acts as a conduit to get the data over.

          Thanks Steve, for the update on the new features.


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            Please describe syncing MLO with Palm via Outlook


            Does the the MLO to Outlook to Palm system keep data in sync between all three platforms, or only transfer data one way?

            Are there options for transfering context? I do not want my palm categories used as context.

            Any other general experience would also be appreciated.