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BB Rememeber the Milk being developed now !!

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  • BB Rememeber the Milk being developed now !!

    First of all Happy New Year fellow Gtder's I am extremely happy to report that Remember the Milk is being actively developed as we speak and the developer and myself need some help with suggestions and ideas of what BB Rtm will end up being. Right now the backend stuff with the API is being worked out and this week the GUI is coming to life, when the time comes we'll open the beta to the general public and before that we'll have a small alpha test group.

    If you are familiar with RTM then you'll know that they have an iPhone version available for the PRO users and we are planning to offer similar functionality.

    Also this application will be TOTALLY FREE to all blackberry users, pretty sweet ah, all I'm asking is for a little bit of help for the developer which is a student at Virginia Tech, Jason Emerick, he needs $100 as donations to get the BlackBerry Code Signing Keys. Guys, this application as some of you know rocks for GTD purposes, if not begin to get familiar with the application over at its free to sign up unless you go for the PRO Version which I did, my username in that forum is "dmd1272" and there you can see Jason and Myself discussing before this project came to fruition.

    Here is the link for the Google group that was setup for this development

    Here is the link for the official announcement which I will copy in the next post but just in case you want to see in the Google code page

    So to the conclude this initial post, make sure you post everything related to this application on this thread not to loose track of the all the important comments that will come our way.

    PS. for the donations please send me a private message so I can give you the Paypal account, we've already collected some donations from the Pinstack Forum and here is the link for that thread

    PSS. I'm just a guy who loves Gtd and Remember the Milk for my Gtd implementation and I wanted to share this news with you all, I'm not a developer, I'm a dentist and this is my #1 hobby, my friend Jason Emerick is the one actually developing the application.

    Its obvious that this is not a large amount of money and I can easily subsidize this project but I told Jason that I wanted to get the Gtd and Blackberry community involved this way its more fun. If you don't want to donate its not a big deal but it would be very cool because this application will transform the way you operate your blackberry and your Gtd setup, you can always checkout my Blog, and the link is below my signature.

    PSSS. Guys, now the blackberry has Google Sync to sync wirelessly over the air with Google Calendar here is the link just in case you didn't know about it
    and coming soon this RTM for BB, now we have the holy grail of GTD and for FREE because Google Sync for Blackberry is totally free also. Any questions don't hesitate to ask here or join the Google Group.

    Hope you guys like this news as much as I did.

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    Here is a screenshot

    its the technical stuff but this is what gathers your information fromRemember the Milk online, also this application is insipired by the also cool application for Blackberry called FaceBook


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      The copy paste of the official announcement I told you above

      Official Announcement


      First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jason Emerick. I am a senior at Virginia Tech studying Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. I am not quite sure when I started using the Remember the Milk but it has been a while Iím sure. I use it mainly to manage my school work as well as other little things that may pop up and my shopping list. About six months ago, I got my BlackBerry 8830 and love it just as much as Remember the Milk. I have been using the mobile web interface to Remember the Milk, which is great by the way, however, I would like an application for the BlackBerry to provide access. With the combination of me wanting to learn how to write applications for the BlackBerry platform and the seemingly high demand for a Remember the Milk BlackBerry application, I have decided to take on the challenge.

      So what about this application, eh?

      Well I have only begun developing it, mostly just hacking around doing some proof of concept stuff. I have started writing a class which interfaces with the public API. I have been testing that and have run into a couple minor hiccups that hopefully I can work out with the Remember the Milk team. My goal by the end of this week is to have the API class fully implemented and have a very basic user interface going. The application will be a fully stand alone application that will have a similar look and feel as the Facebook application. As far as features, my initial goal is to implement something similar to the iPhone version as well as some features unique to the BlackBerry such as alerts similar to those generated by the Facebook application or the native task application. Of course your suggestions are always welcome. There is still a lot of work left to do to make this a great application so I hope you can all bear with me.

      Now what is all this talk about money?

      There was initially some talk about charging for this application, however, that is not what I intended at all. This application will be completely free as required by Remember the Milkís API Terms of Service. In addition to being free, this project will also be open source so you can modify it to your own desire and see my code. However, there is still some talk about donations. Donations were solicited to help cover the cost of applying for BlackBerry Code Signing Keys which cost $100. The explanation of why this is required is available here: and the actual form which shows the actual cost here:

      Donations are not required whatsoever to use the application and will just be used to cover the cost of code signing keys as I am a stereotypical poor college student. Any extra donations received before I can stop them will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( If you do not want to donate to me or the $100 has already been collected, I would like to encourage you to give by purchasing a Remember the Milk Pro account ( to support the great application that makes this all possible. Now if not enough donations are received, donít worry, I will find a way to cover the cost of the signing keys. Either way, you will have Remember the Milk on the BlackBerry. If you wish to donate, please contact me.

      Some other quick notes

      As I mentioned earlier I am a student so school will have to come first over this project. But donít worry too much, this is my last semester and I am only taking twelve credit hours however they are still challenging classes. I will find time to work on the application and fix bug as well as implement new features.

      As far as device support, I will strive to be as accommodating as possible. From the outset I plan to support as many devices as possible. If you find that your BlackBerry is not supported, contact me and I will do as much as I can to make it compatible.

      How to contact me

      I have established a Google Group at Please join this group and post there anything there concerning the application. Submit your questions, comments, or suggestions.

      The project will be hosted at the Google Code page located at

      You can of course always email me personally at

      Thank you,

      Jason Emerick