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GTD Weekly Review CDs -- New or from GTC Connect?

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  • GTD Weekly Review CDs -- New or from GTC Connect?

    Hi all,

    Anyone know if the new GTD Weekly Review CD set is just a repackaged version of the Weekly Review series found in GTD Connect? Is it brand new?

    As a GTD Connect member, I'd like to know before buying the CDs.


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    Ouch! I've just ordered a set.

    That didn't even occur to me that they might do something like that. Given that none of the other Audiobooks are available through connect, I would be surprised. Not to mention that it would seem to me to go against a lot of the David Allen ethos. If it is a rerecorded version of the Weekly Review teleseminar, I would be creating a new project called Get Refund that wouldn't need to wait until Friday!



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      I too wondered about this and will not be ordering what sounds like a good product if I already have it as part of my Connect membership.

      Can someone on the David Allen staff please advise?



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        I finish listen the product yesterday, the first 2 CDS are discussion with Marion, Meg and David in detail about all the steps of the WR. The sound quality it is really good. The last one is Meg on her way to coach for the Hour.

        Many of the content was covered on the Teleseminar, a lot of content is new. I really enjoy it, and did not regret aquiring the CDs.


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          Weekly Review CD

          I believe it is the same....I know...good news/bad news....not new (bad news), good news (save money).


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            Same Terrain, Not Same Content

            It's a new recording that covers the same subject matter as the Connect teleseminar (i.e., how to get the most out of the weekly review). While some of the stories/anecdotes/what have you are mentioned again, others are new. Also it's more polished and crisply presented--something like the difference between a musician's studio recording versus a concert rendition: each has its own merits and offers something the other does not.



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              Lots more content than the teleseminar on the site

              Hello all,

              Just wanted to confirm John and Apinaud's reviews of the Weekly Review audio now available in our on-line store. This a completely new recording covering the some of the same material as the "Critical Success Factor" teleseminar, however, much more in depth, with 3 hours of content rather than the 90 minute audio on GTD Connect. And how about that cool little weekly review template included with the CD's...and in bright orange, lest you need a reminder to do that review in plain view in your workspace.

              Cheers to a completed Weekly Review!