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Outlook 2007 (Instant Search) & Google Desktop

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  • Outlook 2007 (Instant Search) & Google Desktop

    I would really like to use the Instant Search feature in Outlook 2007, but I would have to install Windows Desktop search. I have hesitations doing that, because I would rather use Google Desktop.

    Has anyone ever had both installed?
    And would it be possible to only have the Windows Desktop Search engine enabled when using Outlook 2007 and have it disabled whenever I'm not using Outlook 2007? I could then use Google Desktop as my desktop search engine.

    I read that a Desktop Search engine uses a lot of system performance, and I don't want to have both installed and running..

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    The "instant Search feature in Outlook 2007" is a waste of resources. It never worked well for me. Google offers the "Google desktop outlook toolbar" as part of the Google Desktop Search. I find that it works much better than the Micrcosoft search. Google Desktop also checks all of your e-mails, contacts, tesks, etc. when it does a search. It has not let me down yet.



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      Thanks SalesDave, in that case I'll use Google Desktop!


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        I use a combination of google desktop and "lookout" an outlook add-in.


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          Question: Google Desktop only searches my Outlook 2007 emails and ignores tasks and notes altogether even though I checked the boxes in the Google Desktop settings. Does anyone know how to fix this?

          Originally posted by dschaffner View Post
          I use a combination of google desktop and "lookout" an outlook add-in.
          Do you use it with Outlook 2007?