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Windows Mobile - Task Manager: not all context categories are listed

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  • Windows Mobile - Task Manager: not all context categories are listed

    I use Outlook on my PC together with my Pocket PC. I enter and categorize Tasks (in Outlook) on my PC, and then synchronize my Pocket PC, so that I can deal with my Tasks while on the run. I have defined 11 context categories (@Work, @Home, @Errands, etc) and assign one category to any task I create.

    I have 11 context categories but when I want to filter my tasks by context category, the Windows Mobile Task Manager only shows 6 of them for quick access. If I want to filter by any of the other 5 categories, I have to click "Others" and only then I'm taken to a list of all of my categories.

    The additional clicks required to filter by any of the of the other context categories troubles me, so, has anyone found a way to show all categories?
    If not, could you recommend any programs (that support ActiveSynching) to replace the built-in task manager

    optional pics about what I'm talking about (they're big, sorry)
    1. Only 6 (out of my 11 context category filters are shown.
    2. It takes a couple more clicks to choose the filter to view my task by.

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    I noticed you did not get any response on this. I found that my new smartphone did not show all categories; rather, it only showed categories for categorized items added/synched. To remedy this, I added a task and assigned all GTD categories to it. After this, I found all categories on my smartphone, and deleted the fully-categorized task.

    As to viewing tasks by category, it appears one has to install something to enable viewing tasks by category without multiple clicks to filter by category. I am investigating alternatives to help with this, as not having easy access to a filtered task list limits the use of the smartphone as a GTD tool.

    Hope this helps you (or someone else)!