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Daily Events & Appointments - completed?

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  • Daily Events & Appointments - completed?

    How do YOU check off Daily Events & Appointments as completed? In OUTLOOK there is a Completed check box when the Event/Appointment is opened but in the Calendar View there is no evidence of this.

    I have taken the liberty of putting a small 'x' in front of the Subject for that event.

    I wish a strike through similar to the Tasks was available.

    I find this important for tracking especially with Daily Events. I realize David's approach for the calendar is that these are hard landscape which must be done today. And maybe I should keep them as Next Actions but my intent (with good intentions) it to Get It Done Today! Sometimes I don't.

    Comments please?

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    I use outlook's automatic formatting to change the color of an item if it is marked complete. Almost as good as a 'strikeout.'



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      I use the 'customize view' portion to show items that are not complete or do not have complete defined. When I mark something complete, the item 'disappears'.


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        I mark the Next Actions on my hard landscape (calendar) as complete using an asterisk (*). I use Outlook (shift- and a Palm OS device (tap-X) - that way I have a simple way to mark them that syncs between the two platforms.



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          ha-ha, that should read "shift-8" to create an asterisk in Outlook...