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Question for Active Words Power Users

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  • Question for Active Words Power Users

    I have been using Active Words to tremendous benefit for several months now. I am completely a fan of the application, but so far very much not so of their support. After repeated attempts to email their support questions, including simply try to get authorized to post of the Active Words User Form, I am giving up.

    Nonetheless, I still have my questions, so I am hoping their might be some GTDers who are also Active Words power users.

    I heavily use the GTD Outlook plug-in to keep all next actions in Outlook, meaning both work and personal related NAs. For my personal next actions kept as Outlook tasks, I mark the "Private" check box in the bottom right hand corner of the Task screen. I do this a lot, so I am trying to figure out a way to create and Active Word script to mark the Private check box of the Task.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

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    I've you have the task open already, you don't need activewords, Alt-P will toggle the private status of any task.

    - Don


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      That did it!! Thanks for the fast response


      Just missed that one! Thanks for your help.

      Best Regards,