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[Pocket PC] Software that can do this?

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  • [Pocket PC] Software that can do this?

    Cycling through task contexts with just one button click:

    Does anyone know PIM software for Pocket PC that let's you cycle through contexts with just one button click?

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    I know it's not Pocket PC, but...

    I know this recommendation will not work on the Pocket PC, but FWIW, Bonsai, from Natara will do this on the Palm very nicely. It is what I use to use, exactly as you state, before I moved into my own software.


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      The standard Palm Tasks application will do this even without Bonsai. In fact my first thought when I saw this post was that Ablaze is trying to migrate from Palm to PocketPC and is finding, like I did, that it's just not as simple and convenient as a Palm.


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        Yes, my Palm does this now.


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          You are Right; Task List Can Fit the Bill


          If you push the Task List button (or, if you have a button on your Treo assigned to Task List) repeatedly, it will move through he categories for you.

          I brought up Bonsai as, especially for a GTD type of desired application, it allows for more category flexibility (i.e., Projects & a "Context" (@home, @calls)) as well as the outlining capability. I always leaned towards Bonsai for the standard Task List.


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            Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I will just have to learn to deal with having to go through more clicks to change context views with my PPC / Windows Mobile.


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              All of the major third-party PIM add-ons (AgendaOne, Agenda Fusion, Pocket Informant) give you the option to set up your task list sorted by category. I use AgendaOne, with the default setting to have all of the categories collapsed. While I can't change categories by repeatedly pressing the button I've assigned to open the task list, I find it just as fast to scroll to and select the category I want to expand.