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Outlook Add-in: Next Actions?

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  • Outlook Add-in: Next Actions?


    I recently decided to move back to Outlook and the add-in to manage my GTD system, but I can't seem to remember, or figure out, how exactly does one designate an action as a 'Next Action'? There doesn't seem to be a view or a button to do this that I can find. I also can't seem to reorder project tasks though I suspect there must be a way to do this as well?

    Thanks in advance for any help,


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    I tend to have many projects stored within Outlook and was swamped with the number of tasks stored there until something clicked while I was on a tele coaching session.

    You don't need to distinguish between actions stored within a project as only the real next action or actions need to be visible, any other 'future' actions may be stored elsewhere e.g. within the notes section of the project task.

    Hope this helps.