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  • Fountain Pen Recommendations

    After getting into GTD about a year ago, I have found a revitalized interest in writing instruments (among other tools)...I started using a Montblanc fountain pen I received as a gift many years ago. I love the pen so much that I don't want to take it out of my home office.

    Any recommendations out there for:

    - low to medium cost fountain pens (one I can bring on a plane)?
    - any experience with Levenger's True Writer series?
    - any recommendations for any kind of pen? my house is now stocked with uni-ball Signo pens (located anywhere a thought may come)

    Thanks to all for the great content.

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    Levenger True Writer

    I picked up a True Writer metalist fountain pen last year and found that I really like it. Nice weight and balance, smooth inking, decent price. I am not much of a handwriting person (far from neat, mostly print my notes & sign my name) but I like using a cool tool for quick notes and my signature.

    I'm always looking for the perfect everyday pen as well - right now I am using the Pilot G-2 pen. I've used the Signo's and like them as well.


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      Check out the Namiki "vanishing point" series of fountain pens with retractable tips. They write well and look good.

      I bring a fountain pen on the plane, just make sure it's stored tip up during ascent and descent when the air pressure is changing.


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        Fisher space pen!

        - Don


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          +1 on the Levenger fountain pen.


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            I'm a bit of a fountain pen collector so I generally have one or two filled and on the go at the same time.

            - low to medium cost fountain pens (one I can bring on a plane)?

            Fountain pen and frequent air travel is not always a good idea. Ideally if you travel use cartridges or a Visconti traveling inkwell to empty your pen before flying. If you do fly with fountain pens you must keep them upright and never filled completely as they will leak in the pressurized cabin.

            - any experience with Levenger's True Writer series?

            I have a couple of these and while generally good day to day pens the nibs are quite stiff and I've had a couple of problems with sticky threads in the lids.

            - any recommendations for any kind of pen? my house is now stocked with uni-ball Signo pens (located anywhere a thought may come)

            Go for a fountain pen if you like writing with them and don't mind dealing with the fact that the ink is not instantaneously dry, and that you sometimes need to be careful in your choice of notebooks / paper depending on the flow of the pen and the ink that you are using. Example - I use a turquoise ink commonly in a medium nibbed pen that flows pretty well, if I use the pen in a Moleskine notebook it goes straight through the page.

            For a great everyday pen that will write first time every time, even if you abuse it and leave it filled and upright for a couple of weeks, look for the Pelikan M200, M400, M800 - I would recommend the latter if you can afford it. (note that these pens are piston fill so you have to fill from a bottle / inkwell)

            You might also like this link -
            Last edited by Zenistar; 01-22-2008, 12:54 PM. Reason: Added warning about piston fill Pelikans!


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              For a low-cost, well-designed and bulletproof fountain pen, look no further than the Lamy Safari. I use a Safari with a fine point as my workhorse fountain pen. I use Noodler black ink in it and it writes very very well. Plus, even if I lose it, I can replace it for less than $30 including the converter.

              Search online for reviews of the Safari and you'll see what I mean.


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                Fountain Pens

                I have a Waterman & Mount Blanc and like both. The Waterman is made of brass and feels really solid. Mount Blanc is lighter and plastic.

                But I like both. The Mount Blanc feels more "customized" from wear and use.

                I bought my Dad a Levenger True Writer and he loves it.

                It's kind of like Fender Stratocaster guitars. You can't stop with just one.



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                  Fountain Pen Recommendations

                  You guys are great....thanks for the advice and tips....a lot of good stuff. I'll let you know what I end up with (but like can't stop with one).

                  Thanks again!



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                    I love fountain pens and am also a fan of Watermans. I have three that I use regularly, filled with three different ink colors.

                    I've given up taking them on airplanes, though, after cleaning up one too many leaks. For disposable travel pens, I like the Pilot G2 gel. I also have a (non-disposable!) compact Cartier ballpoint that takes Parker Gel refills.



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                      Namiki Vanishing Point

                      I use mine daily. Travel > 100K airmiles annually without a leak.
                      Why use Namiki as a primary pen? One-handed use. Just click and write.
                      I try and keep the pen full; use Pelikan ink, fine point nib, no bleed-through.


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                        seconding the Lamy Safari and Pilot G2


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                          Levenger fountain pens are best for me. I have been using them for long time than I remember from high school. :P



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                            I've just ordered one of the new Levenger 'Plumpsters' to try out, will let you know what I think.

                            I also second the Namiki vanishing point, great little pen and it really foxes people in meetings where you click the nib out and begin writing. One tip for these is to always try them in the shop before buying as the the nib grades are much finer than on European / US pens.


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                              Pilot Dr. Grip Gel. Best pen ever mass produced in my opinion. Same ink cartridge as the G2 (ie easy to get and cheap). It is perfectly weighted for pen spinning and it is a classy looking instrument. Very nice.