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What are your tasks possible to automate?

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  • What are your tasks possible to automate?

    I'm working on task management tool and I want to ask our community about tasks which are possible to automate by task management software. It will looks like you will create specific daily task, and you will see it in inbox every day already with information for you.

    Probably it will be something like data retrieving and processing data.
    For sample: Checking statistics from any sites every day.

    I want to know may be you have that tasks. So, tool will do it automatically for you. So, Any suggestions welcome .

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    Gosh, almost any electronic tools supports creating repeating reminders, with alarms. Just create one in your tool with a meaningful title, e.g., one that repeats daily named "Checking statistics from all sites." If the tool supports associated notes, you can put a checklist of steps right in the reminder, e.g.,

    o list of sites: x, y, z
    o step 1: verify a
    o step 2: ...

    Hope that helps.


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      cornell, I know about repeating tasks and reminders.
      But I think you not understand my question.

      So, you suggested to create task with description about which sites to check, which data to view etc (note that statistics is just example). But I want to create tasks which will be done by my tool. In case of statistics example, you just need to create repeating task, and every day you will see STATISTIC DATA you need already in task details in our management tool. You will not require to go anywhere more and do anything to found this stats.

      So my question is what types or sample of tasks possible to automate you have ? The idea is to automate routine tasks if it's possible.