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Very low tech - wallet w notepad & minipen

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  • Very low tech - wallet w notepad & minipen

    Well, some of you will probably scorn me for this, but to all those who like their GTD system low tech (or who find themselves frequently in situations where they cannot bring a palm) I read in one of David's tips and tricks columns that he carries a wallet with a little notepad and miniature pen. Anyone know where to get that? I could really use something like that for my GTD system



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    David sells one on this site:

    If you want a wider variety, check out the Levenger store (you're looking for their Pocket Briefcase line, I think):




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      The David Allen unit will set you back $100. To me, thats just too high.

      There is one put out by Retro51 that is around $30. They have them at Mardels. It serves the same purpose and is the same size. I do think I want that mini esprit Rotring pen though, but its certainly something I can do without.

      Cant tell you how convenient that little has been. Having the ability to jot down an inspiration regardless of where I am is really a great thing. Just toss them into the inbox when I get to the office. Even like the idea of using my own pen at the checkout when they offer me the one that everybody else has used (especially during flu season).


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        Low tech

        I have a Levenger pocket briefcase; nice, but a little pricey. I see that Landsend also offers one, in leather.


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          Couple of Ideas

          Not sure which company sells it, but there is a wallet in the Sky Mall catalog that holds 3X5 cards. You can jot down one idea per card then throw them into your inbox when you return to your desk. The Cross Ion is also a good pen to carry in one's pcoket. Want to be even more economical? 3X5 cards and a small binder clip will work as well. As a young Army officer I was never without a binder clip full of 3X5 cards in my breast pocket.



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            I gave up trying to use paper and a PDA. I got tired of wondering where I put the piece of paper or if I transferreed theinformation into my Pocket PC or Outlook at the office. I decided I'd just use the PDA, learned how to do it efficiently, and I've not looked back. Of course, in office, I put it all in Outlook. My 2 cents.


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              About 2 years ago - Palm started including their own version of "DiddleBug" (I believe) on all their units, calling it "Note Pad." It works like a "digital post it" and captures handwriting exactly - including drawings.

              As someone who is now pretty fast with Graffitti; but at the time saw it as a "major disadvantage to the Palm" - this application helped "push me over the edge" into buying a Palm.

              I'm sure others had similar experiences. If you already have a Palm, try to make more use of this app, rather than paper. Often overlooked - it makes a great "IN Basket."


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                Re: Couple of Ideas

                Originally posted by jaywright
                Not sure which company sells it, but there is a wallet in the Sky Mall catalog that holds 3X5 cards.
                I got this wallet from, it is a better quality better price compared to the one sold here.



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                  Office Depot has a nice Swiss Army version with pen for $16.00. Works very well and has a pocket for notes/business cards.


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                    Please confirm you are viewing the NotePad entries from within Outlook, and not MemoPad entries. I know you can view the NotePad from within the Palm desktop, but I have not found a way within Outlook.


                    > Here a trick though.

                    > Create a shortcut to "Note Pad" in your Outlook bar. Then one click
                    > opens up the NotePad, basically making it a part of Outlook. (you could
                    > also put this shortcut in your Digital Inbox).


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                      UK wallet notepad

                      For uk users...



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                        Get the notetaker wallet... worth every penny.


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                          Love my Notetaker Wallet - never leave home without it. It was worth every hard earned penny I spent on it!