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Anyone Using mindmapper software

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  • Anyone Using mindmapper software

    Care to share your setup?


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    Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal ( posted a review of Mindjet last week. I haven't tried using it.


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      Mind Manager software

      Yes, I use Mind Manager. Not in any great corporate way, but to clear my head and plan projects. I suggest reading at least some of the background before embarking on it. The concept was devised by Tony Buzan and his book (I think it is titled "Mind Mapping") is helpful for the beginner.


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        Here is a post I made several months ago:

        For those who like a visual representation of all their tasks, check out the new version of Mindmanager 2002. (a mindmapping program)
        If you use Outlook, you'll appreciate the integration.
        I import all my projects into Mindmanager. I can then "attach" next action branches to each project. When I sync to Outlook, all the Projects that I have attached next actions to disappear from my Outlook task list. That way I know that any projects remaining in Outlook have no next actions defined.When I mark the next action complete and sync again, the project reappears in Outlook.-a really neat feature. I can also brainstorm next actions for projects in Mindmanager and attach them as notes which sync to Outlook. I will continue to trial the software, but so far, so good. You can download a trial at


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          We bought Mindmanager over a year ago for our university department and almost all members of the department use it now for making abstracts of papers, for building an "outline" for their own paper, for just dumping ideas about a topic, for....
          We stopped giving each other summaries and draft versions. We now give a mindmap + the corresponding outline in case there are notes and start brainstorming/evaluating from there.

          It's great. What I like best is the fact that you can almost entirely stick to the keyboard. Greatly improves the speed of input.

          No, I'm not in any way connected to the company. Just a very satisfied user.

          Bye, Helma


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            Me too. I've been using MindManager for around four or five years and it's great software. The collaborative mind mapping is great for telemeetings! I have the handheld version too, which is good for taking the information with you, but not for working on the maps. I use it mostly for writing and brainstorming. I also use it for notes when we have meetings in our work area.


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              I've been using Freemind, which is open source, java software for creating mindmaps. It stores them in XML, outputs to HTML. Runs nicely on Linux, should run fine on Windows or Mac as well.



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                Freemind runs on Java 4.1 (I think), which runs fine on windows 2000. I am trying it out. So far it seems like a nice basic program: creating new branches, moving them around, hiding and so on all work fine. Doesn't come close to Mindjet for integration or general formatting.


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                  Mind Manager Mobile

                  I use Mind Manager 2002 Business Edition on my PC and Mind Manager Mobile on my PPC. When I had my Sony NR70V, I used the Palm OS version of Mind Manager Mobile.

                  It's a great product. Syncing between desktop and PDA works very well. The desktop version links to both Outlook and Project and can automatically export to Word or text outlines and PowerPoint.

                  I use Mind Maps for daily diary/to do maps that have branches for each of my contexts. I also have a large My Projects Mind Map that includes information on all my active projects and someday/maybes. Complex projects end up as independent Mind Maps linked from the master My Projects Mind Map. I find Mind Mapping to work great with GtD.

                  Michael Connick
                  The Connected PDA -


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                    mindmanager is very powerful.

                    easy to use, it puts together your thought in a great manner. The desktop and palm set up is great. Love using this program to create my plans and projects. I event use it to do weekly goals and review. 5 star rating


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                      I have been using MindManager for about 1 year. Now all of our staff are using it. We use it for planning projects, setting up book reports at staff meetings, organizing lectures, writing books and articles and brainstorming for solutions. Excellent. Also use it on the Palm OS.


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                        I'm also using MindManager on the desktop, and use it extensively for project planning, presentation planning, etc.

                        Excellent software

                        Have tried the PalmOS version, but not as comfortable with that.


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                          I use Mindgenius (previously known as Ygnius). The feature set is pretty much comparable to Mind Manager. The thing I like about it is that it can open maps created with Pocket MindMap for the Pocket PC.





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                            New Mindmapper

                            The new version of Mindmapper is out. I've been playing with the trial version and it's GREAT! Great interface with Outlook.


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                              I don't get what's the big advantage of mind mapping.
                              As far as I can tell, it's nothing more than outlining.

                              Can anyone explain the hoopla to me? What am I missing?