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Question: Lotus Notes-Printing Projects List in "To Do"

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  • Question: Lotus Notes-Printing Projects List in "To Do"

    My work uses Lotus Notes R6 for e-mail, calendaring, etc.

    I still primarily use a paper planner and am looking at migrating to more digital tools due to compactness and flexibility as it all would sync to my blackberry.

    I have read the Lotus Notes and GTD document that's available and have modified the "To Do" function setting up appropriate GTD categories.

    If wanting to print my "projects list", the only option I'm getting is where it prints a page for each project. How would I be able to print it out so that it's literally the page with the "list" of projects?

    Any insight or direction much appreciated.


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    I use R6, and when I select the print icon, P 'Print View' pop-up appears. In the 'What to Print' section I select the 'Selected View' radio button to print the list view rather than the selected document (project or to do).

    Hope that helps -


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      Printing Lists on Lotus Notes

      MB is right on the money with the print selected view.

      I also like to print a variety of my lists depending on context and situation. For instance...while in the office, I use my computer screen to review lists...but when heading out (with car time ahead), I will print my "calls" and "errands" list. I will also often take notes right on those lists and throw them in my inbox when I get back for processing back into my digital list.

      I'm a sales manger so I keep an "agenda' for each rep...prior to meeting with each of them, I print out the updated "agenda" list for review.


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        Thanks MB & JRobinson for your response. Had asked someone in my office and they weren't able to help me. I knew the connect members would have the answer.

        This will be very helpful.

        While not in sales JRobinson, I cover a territory and am often "on the road" your suggestions about printing for car and plane time will be very helpful as well as keeping agenda's for those I'll be meeting with.

        Thanks again!