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FYI weight management tool

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  • FYI weight management tool

    I am not connected to this but if you are trying to manage your weight, you might find a useful tool for logging your weight and keeping a running account, making predictions (yikes), and reminding yourself of what you know you should do etc.

    I would like to find a good log (digital or paper) for strength training and cardiovascular interval training if anyone knows of one.

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    Moleskine 2008 Black Pocket Weekly Planner.

    I use dedicated Moleskine 2008 Black Pocket Weekly Planner.


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      I've used FitDay in the past - it's pretty great. You can log your food as well as your exercise and your fitness goals, and it has some pretty cool reporting functionality. Based on how you log your food and exercise, it will report on calories in vs out, as well as how close you are to meeting your daily nutritional goals (e.g., it alerted me that I need more calcium in my diet). There's a free version on the web, or you can download a deluxe version for a fee - I've only used the free version, and it does a great job.