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BBRTM Alpha Release 0.1 is out

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  • BBRTM Alpha Release 0.1 is out

    Guys, BB (blackberry) Remember the Milk is finally out
    just follow the link below

    Enjoy, this is a great program for GTD, very flexible and very easy, if don't have an account to Remember the Milk this would be a good time to get one its completely FREE and now you have the blackberry counterpart in BBRTM

    please post your questions on the google group within the link above

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    I tried it on my 8703 (OS 4.2) - could not get it to start up - just error messages. This is still alpha code, so temper your expectations.


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      Hey, sorry you had troubles, its quite easy, 1st register or create an account with Remember the Milk here (

      then download the application here:

      Ok, once the application is on your blackberry, click the icon and this will shoot over to the browser and open up a page, where you will scroll down and then input the username and password you just finished creating on the web and boom your in.


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        thanks for the advice, but that's the process I followed - twice - with the same error message. The issues list set up on google groups has several entries describing similar issues with other Blackberry models & carriers.

        I think it will eventually be a good program, but it's not ready for prime time at this point - it is an Alpha build, after all...



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          Hey guys, we're releasing another build tonight which should correct the errors mentioned on our google group so keep posted